Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remember how CO2 was going to cause global warming that would cause us all to freeze to death? Never mind

Heat-Toting Ocean Currents Chugging Along - Dot Earth Blog -
The prospect of a circulation slowdown driven by increasing flows of fresh water from melting ice sheets had built around early work of Wallace Broecker at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and culminated with the caricatured climate calamity in The Day After Tomorrow.

But through much of the last decade, Dr. Broecker adjusted his view as new information came to light, concluding that the “ angry beast” of climate hidden in the Atlantic Ocean was a creature of the Earth’s cold periods and not likely to appear in warm times. In the 2007 reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the prospects for a disruption of the currents were downgraded substantially from earlier reports.
Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow: Information from
The scientists, namely Randy Marsh (South Park), are called in to examine the phenomenon. At a conference, they all declare that the disaster is the result of global warming. At first, it is determined the full effects will take place on The Day After Tomorrow. However, some scientists suddenly burst in and state that it has been proven that the disaster will take place "Two days before the day after tomorrow" to which Randy responds "Oh my God! That's today!"

The declaration of the scientists causes mass hysteria, and everybody runs from "global warming". Most of the South Park people crowd in the community center. Randy persistently states that global warming is causing an ice age outside that would kill them if they left. A reporter declares that 600 billion people have died in Chicago alone. Randy also says that the temperature outside will fall to over 70 million degrees below zero, both of which are impossible.

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