Wednesday, March 10, 2010

U.N. launches review of criticized climate [scam] panel
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Wednesday that a group of national science academies would review U.N. climate science to restore trust after a 2007 global warming report was found to have errors.
Despite the errors, Pachauri told reporters he stood by the 2007 report's principle message that global warming is real and is accelerating due to so-called greenhouse gas emissions.

"We believe the conclusions of that report are really beyond any reasonable doubt," he said, adding that they were "solid and credible."

Ban said the InterAcademy Council, a grouping of the world's science academies, would lead the review, which he promised would be "conducted completely independently of the United Nations."
Council co-chairman Robbert Dijkgraaf, a professor of mathematical physics at the University of Amsterdam, told reporters that the review would be entirely independent of the United Nations but would be funded by it. He added that the review panel would present its report by the end of August.
Neither Pachauri nor Ban took questions from reporters.
Panel Will Review U.N. Climate Work -
[Pachauri] acknowledged that he and other climate scientists had done a “lousy job” of communicating what is known and not known about the behavior of the earth’s climate and had not responded adequately to critics of their work.

The review will be led by Robbert H. Dijkgraaf, a Dutch physicist and mathematician who is co-chairman of the InterAcademy Council. The study group will be financed by the United Nations but will operate wholly independently, Mr. Dijkgraaf said at a briefing at the United Nations.
But he also said that the review would include a look at the management of the climate change panel, including Dr. Pachauri’s leadership.

“Our job is to ensure quality of I.P.C.C. reports in the future,” Dr. Dijkgraaf said. “We enter this process with no preconceived conclusions.”
Senators reach 'great deal' of [alleged] consensus on energy bill
"Kerry said Obama made it clear there needs to be a price on carbon, the substance linked by scientists to global warming, to create jobs and make the US more energy independent," Bloomberg reported.

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said that the president should give up on any effort to cap greenhouse gas emissions and focus on renewal electricity and drilling for oil and tapping gas reserves domestically.
Robyn Griggs Lawrence: Boulder: We Can't Even Change Our Own Light Bulbs?
Since the tax was passed in 2006, Boulder's carbon emissions have decreased by less than 1 percent. Never one to give up easily, Boulder is now sending contractors door-to-door to make the simplest energy-efficient changes for homeowners, including changing light bulbs. The city will spend about $1.5 million in city funds and $370,000 in federal stimulus money on "Two Techs in a Truck," up to 15 teams that will caulk, change light bulbs, install low-flow showerheads, set up clothes racks and even inflate tires for Boulder homeowners who never followed up on their audits.


Anonymous said...

Dijkgraaf may say that he is indepeendent but he is a confessed AGW believer; moreover the committee will not look into the science itself.

Anonymous said...

Dijkgraaf may say that he is independent but he is a confessed AGW believer; moreover the committee will not look into the science itself.

C.W. Schoneveld

denis said...

There should be at least a couple of (so-called) skeptics (actually truth seekers) on that panel.

It's guaranteed to be a whitewash otherwise (and may in any case if it's packed with alarmists_)