Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Another warmist in the Arctic: GE sponsors 15-year-old to promote climate hoax

Shortly after twice reporting a temperature of -34 C, he suggests that the ice is "falling apart" around him.

Skiing and trekking to the North Pole: Parker Liautaud blogs to save the earth - Update
Parker Liautaud, 15 years old, is reporting on his progress skiing his way to the North Pole. He has made his goal to become the youngest person to ski to the North Pole, and to use that attempt to bring greater awareness to the urgent environmental issues of the arctic.
And more importantly for his purpose of letting the world see the ravages of global warming on the arctic - There was a lot of open water today. It really shows what's been going on in the Arctic - it's falling apart. Right now we're camping on this patch of old ice, but all around us is open water, broken and thin ice. To our north there's a massive pan of very thin ice. Everything is freshly frozen, if not open.
Twitter / Parker Liautaud: Temp -34, Windchill -42. W ...
Temp -34, Windchill -42. We did about 11 Nm today, it was a really good day. We have about 35 Nm left, and about 5 before we’re half way. 3:00 PM Apr 4th via API   [His previous tweet also reported a temperature of -34]
Son of Venture Capitalist Gets Foursquare Badge for Polar Trip - DealBook Blog -
Normally if you’re the teenage child of a multimillionaire, you might expect a nice car or designer clothing as a present, VentureBeat reported.

But if you’re the 15-year-old scion of Bernard Liautaud, who founded and later sold Business Objects to SAP for $6.78 billion and is now a partner at Balderton Capital, you can probably do a lot better.
Mr. Liautaud fils rounded up a sponsorship from G.E. for a trip to the North Pole promoting environmental awareness.

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