Monday, April 05, 2010

Carol Browner, Energy Czar, Talks Caps, Solar and Drilling With ABC News - ABC News
[Browner] We need a cap on carbon; we absolutely believe that, we are open to what are the mechanisms for ensuring what is the lowest cost for compliance. A trading regime certainly can be a very important part of that, and senators are looking at a variety of options. It's fairly safe to say that they will incorporate some type of trading mechanism.

Q: Opponents of the bill have argued it will actually cause energy prices to skyrocket and mean the reduction of jobs. What's your response to that.

A: I think the senator's are being very careful to ensure that doesn't happen that, there are phase-in periods, so that we can bring online the new technology.
[Which uses more energy per year: Your current car, or your air conditioner?]
The upcoming Chevy Volt, for instance, is expected to increase the energy draw of the average U.S. home by 13 percent. The Nissan Leaf comes in at 19 percent, according to EPRI, which didn't provide figures for the Focus.

That would come to an annual cost of between US$190 and $278 to consumers. That compares to $151 to run a refrigerator for the year or $228 to run the air conditioner, according to EPRI figures.
IPCC and the Law Dome Graphic « Climate Audit
Just in case you wondered what Osborn and Overpeck didn’t want you to see, here it is:

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