Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's come to this: Climate-focused climate hero tries not to talk about climate

Roz Savage rows the ocean blue for a green cause | Digital Media - CNET News
In her role as an environmental campaigner, Savage has been named a U.N. Climate Hero. She is also a trained presenter for Al Gore's Climate Project, and is an Athlete Ambassador for, whose mission is to inspire and unite people to find solutions to climate change. Bill McKibben, who co-founded, says Savage's perseverance is part of what makes her such a good spokesperson.
Although she's been at it for a while now, Savage says she still feels like she's learning how to talk about environmental issues to reach the "unconverted," particularly, when it comes to climate change. "I actually now try not to talk about climate change because especially in this country it's so polarizing," she said. "I prefer to talk about sustainability because it is just kind of common sense on a finite planet. And the other thing is that sustainability is a positive thing to move toward."


william said...

solutions to climate change, never need them before , don't need them now.

Russell C. said...

Sustainability / green or renewable energy / energy independence / planet stewardship / energy efficiency - all words having literally nothing to do with CO2 regulation and mandatory reductions of 'carbon footprints'.

Such actions by Ms Savage and others continually begs the question: why do they have the appearance they are unable or unwilling to defend their core assertion that global warming is human-caused rather than a natural condition we can do nothing about?

Anonymous said...

Roz has learned her craft at the feet of the master. Do not question the great rOz!

timheyes said...

You know how some words just set an alarm bell off in your head? I recalled Michael Crighton's speech about environmentalism as a religion, where he defined "sustainability" thus:

"We are all energy sinners, doomed to die, unless we seek salvation, which is now called sustainability. Sustainability is salvation in the church of the environment."

You can read the whole speech here: