Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Bootleggers are the Baptists’ last hope for passage of global warming bill | Washington Examiner
Three separate events late last year knocked the air out of international climate alarmism. Combined, they put the kibosh on global warming legislation in the United States for the foreseeable future. Now the only ones keeping such legislation alive are a handful of powerful special interests. Contrary to what you normally hear, big business is pushing, not opposing, climate legislation.
Sen. Kerry on the Climate Bill - Minnesotans For Global Warming
[Video] Reminds me of the Yo-Yo Master if you ask me.
Window Dressing Cap and Trade Won’t Make the Costs Go Away | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.
APA is a new climate bill that tells the same old story: corporate handouts that raise energy prices for years to come.
AFP: 'Climate dice' now dangerously loaded: "leading" "scientist"
"That gap has increased substantially in the last year," Hansen told a press conference during a visit to Paris.
Puzzling Sun « Calder's Updates
“We can’t predict the climate on Earth until we understand these changes on the Sun.” So says Jeff Kuhn, who runs the Haleakala Observatories of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy, and his sentiment will be shared by anyone who thinks that the Sun plays a major part in climate change.

He makes the comment in a press release (11 May 2010) about a remarkably small change in the Sun’s diameter in the course of the most recent sunspot cycle, Cycle 23.
American Thinker: Welcome to the Era of Expensive Energy
The only pumps the Obama team and their allies in Congress like are the ones pumping our green tax dollars to their pals and donors in the "renewable energy" racket of the jolly Green Giant with the big carbon footprint: Al Gore.

A digression. When I was young the Burt Lancaster movie The Rainmaker made a powerful impression on me. Lancaster played a con man Bill Starbuck, who comes into a drought-stricken small town promising to bring forth water from the skies like so much manna. His appeal was almost religious in nature; he promised and preached salvation. But he was just a con man -- a trickster who promised to change the weather for a price. We have a quite the crew of Bill Starbucks bellying up to the governmental trough. He was a fake -- and so are they.

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