Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Breaking: Media/climate hoax company Reuters still promoting the climate hoax

Landslides kill at least 58 in Bangladesh | Reuters
In the last few years, Bangladesh, one of the world's poorest and most densely populated countries, has seen an increase in intensity and frequency of climate-related problems.

A cyclone in 1991 killed about 140,000 people and another in late 2007 killed over 3,300.
Flashback: Why Reuters’ Acquisition of Point Carbon Is a Smart Move | Carbon Offsets Daily
There is another reason the acquisition of Point Carbon is a smart move on Thomson Reuters’ part. A Reuters’ article on the acquisition points out that the agreement to buy Point Carbon “comes as public concern about global warming and rising energy consumption grows and investors seek opportunities to make money from these trends.” The article goes on to say: “One of the more popular ways to trade in the energy sector with an eye on the environment is through carbon markets, where investors buy and sell ‘carbon credits.’”
Question: If cyclone deaths in Bangladesh are directly correlated with atmospheric CO2 levels, why were 42 times as many killed in the 1991 cyclone [when CO2 levels were lower] compared to the 2007 cyclone [when CO2 levels were higher]?

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