Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cartoon character Al Gore on freedom of the press

Al's Journal : Stop Censoring News From The Gulf
This behavior is completely unacceptable. Access by reporters should be as unfettered as possible. This de facto form of censorship needs to stop.
Flashback: Gore to press: Stay Out! | Watts Up With That?
First you have to wonder what global warming has to do with a computer security conference (RSA) in the first place, but then the real surprise comes when you find that Al Gore did not allow any members of the press to attend.
Flashback: Gore Bans Press (Again) From CTIA Speech | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
In a highly ironic move, Al Gore has barred the press from even attending his speech at the upcoming CTIA Wireless 2009 conference, the nation's largest gathering of the wireless communications industry.
Update: He didn't link to this blog, which is fine by me, but a strikingly similar item is now featured on Drudge.

020,911,971 IN PAST 24 HOURS
791,512,173 IN PAST 31 DAYS
8,435,309,633 IN PAST YEAR

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