Saturday, June 26, 2010

Changing The Climate In California - IBD -
The study put the cost of AB32 at $49,691 per small business in California. For households, the estimated cost is $3,857 a year. Statewide that translates to $52 billion in added burdens for California families.

All this pain for exactly what gain? Not long ago, the New York Times reported that a new coal-fired plant big enough to serve every household in San Diego comes online in China every eight to 10 days, exporting more pollution to California and the western United States than such draconian environmental proposals would ever hope to eliminate.

Supporters of AB32 want to see us continue to export jobs to and import pollution from China.
Green Activist Defends Climate-Change Skeptics | The Atlantic Wire
Though you'd expect some howls of indignant rage from conservative publications, it seems the first to come out strong against the study is actually a climate-change believer from Slate.
Louisiana: Rough winter affected crawfish season
A harsh winter delayed crawfish growth and led to a poor harvest, according to industry members.
Green Fever has hit North Carolina
RALEIGH- Bills introduced during the 2010 would expand the already unmanageable bureaucracy in North Carolina, waste millions of your valuable tax dollars and push a “green” agenda that is nothing more than a veiled power grab and an attempt to supplement revenue. For those who thought former Vice-President Al Gore had cornered the market on climate change alarmism, meet North Carolina’s Green Team global warming alarmists.
Canada Canola Output May Fall Nearly 2 Million Tons, Group Says - BusinessWeek
As it is almost 10 days past June 15, the so-called crop insurance deadline, it is unlikely any farmers would want to risk planting canola now, White said. Canola takes at least three months to mature, so any crops planted today face higher risk of frost in September, so most insurance companies won’t cover crops seeded past June 15, White said.

Frost on average begins on Sept. 15 in Western Canada, he said.

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