Sunday, June 20, 2010

Indonesia to Double Sugar Output despite Climate Deal
JAKARTA - A climate change deal with Norway to save natural forest will not hamper Indonesia’s effort to double its sugar output by 2014 as the extra land needed will not use primary forests, the agriculture minister said on Friday. Indonesia will suspend new concessions for the conversion of natural forest and peat lands for two years under a $1 billion climate change deal signed with Norway in May.
The Reference Frame: EU banned heated family houses built from 2020
If this AGW-rooted reasoning (or the lack of it) manages to survive until 2020 and the regulation will be close to its activation, people will horde classic houses because they implicitly include the permission to use heating systems as we know them today.
The Reference Frame: David Archibald: The Past and Future of Climate
The 142-page colorful book printed on a nice, resilient paper is stuffed with the hard data. There is a graph, a big table, or a relevant photograph on nearly every page. They're concerned with the climate reconstructions, the influence of CO2 and its absorption spectrum, the Sun and solar cycles, ocean cycles, production and effects of CO2, role of CO2 in the biosphere, and lots of other topics.

American Thinker: Heartland Conference Establishes Post-Climategate Consensus
Mine is the task of summarizing – to the best of my ability -- the current state of climate reality, as espoused before me one month ago by no less than the greatest minds analyzing the subject today. And yours is the opportunity to quickly absorb the collective wisdom of over 75 experts speaking at 5 plenary and 20 breakout sessions, and countless marvelous conversations, all spread over 3 days. And to discover or affirm the myriad inconvenient truths behind the “global warming” hype.

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