Thursday, June 24, 2010

Senate Dems vow action on energy bill: The Swamp
Senators called the meeting "motivating" and "almost like a little revival - a lot of clapping, a lot of yelling" as one speaker after another voiced a desire to debate the thorny issue.
Global warming's Stephen Schneider: The Light That Failed
In Schneider's fight for his cause, he allowed his name to be put on junk science--progaganda, and propaganda that will be used maliciously in the future.
Climate Change Fraud - Weather is not climate unless Joe Romm says it is
Sadly, at least for Romm, today's temperature breaks only one of three remaining records for June from the 19th century, long before the explosion of CO2-spewing machines began in the 1950s. If it had snowed today, he'd claim it was an anomaly not worthy of his climactic doom-and-gloom prognostications.
Regulation of the Day 143: Your Bedtime |
It is astounding that the Japanese regulators think that your bedtime is government business.
Warning Signs: The UN's New Scams
Most Americans are by now familiar with the UN’s Environmental Program that has been at the heart of the “global warming” hoax. It was based entirely on falsified computer models whose primary source was the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain and even U.S. government agencies such as NOAA.

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