Tuesday, June 22, 2010

spiked debate: The ‘hockey stick’ affair by AW Montford
These financial pressures are key to distorting the debate about climate. The problem for many climatologists is that they cannot come out and say that global warming isn’t a problem anymore because so much of their funding depends upon it. This is also one of the problems that the IPCC has: the very people who can answer the question on the future direction of climate also depend on the answer to that being that ‘yes, it’s a problem’ to continue receiving funding. It is a difficult problem, and it is one that you get when you have government-funded science.
Evidence for a Consensus on Climate Change - Green Blog - NYTimes.com
The climate dissenters have long complained that global-warming science is an echo chamber in which, they contend, it is hard to get published if one does not accept the conventional wisdom that humans are heating up the planet. So they argue that it is circular reasoning to claim a broad scientific consensus based on publication track records. The mainstream researchers reject that charge, contending that global warming skeptics do not get published for the simple reason that their work is weak.
Roger L. Simon » Does Barack Obama want to be president?
Ever since viewing his depressing and disconnected “energy” speech last week, I have been mulling whether Barack Obama actually wants to be president anymore. That was an address given by a man who looked very much like he didn’t want to be there, didn’t want to continue. He appeared slumped and worn, as if he aged eighteen years in eighteen months. His demeanor was oddly distracted.
State road repair budget takes hit from bad winter  - News - The Charleston Gazette - West Virginia News and Sports -
CLARKSBURG, W.Va. -- A harsh winter blasted a $12 million hole in West Virginia's road maintenance budget and the state is getting only about $1 million in federal funds to help fill the gap.

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