Thursday, July 01, 2010

Alarmist Brad Johnson suggests that trace amounts of CO2 killed Robert Byrd, 92

Brad Johnson (climatebrad) on Twitter
June's record heat felled Robert Byrd, 18 other Americans. Will we wake up to the fossil fuel #climate threat?
Byrd's condition was closely guarded - Print View
Byrd had fallen in February 2008 while at home in McLean, Va., which resulted in a lengthy hospital stay. In May 2009, Byrd was again in the hospital, this time with an infection. And in September, Byrd was rushed to the emergency room after collapsing in his home. In that incident, Byrd’s aides said he likely “stood up too quickly” and then fainted.


Larry L. Gillreath said...

Gee... I don"t know. The fact that Bob "Bedsheets & Burning Crosses" Byrd was 92 might been a major contributing factor in his death! I would imagine that buying life insurance after say...80 or 90 birthdays might be kinda tough, or at least prohibitively expensive! And, I realize the Old Klansman may have wanted to serve at least ten more terms in the Senate, and get every person, place, and thing in West By God Virginia named after himself, but apparently the Grim Reaper had other ideas. Oh well, as some wise person once said, "Nobody get out of this life alive!".

Anonymous said...

Amazing...I will place my money on the fact that he was 92 and in poor health... he just died!