Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Thinker: Cap-and-Trade's Market Failure
The death of SO2 cap-and-trade in July 2010 should be duly noted by every thoughtful observer. It should signal the defeat of any proposals for CO2 emissions trading. If a CO2 cap-and-trade program were ever enacted in the U.S., its collapse would be spectacular indeed compared to the one that will have foreshadowed it.
[Gimme that old-time religion]: Temperatures in Spain to Increase 6ÂșC by 2100 |
Combined with the UN climate panel’s forecast of rising sea levels of between 18-59cm by 2100 (a rate of 2.5mm per year) around 30-40 per cent of Spanish beaches could be wiped out. Such a significant loss of beaches will take a heavy toll on one of Spain’s most important industries.
On opposite sides of world, Obama and Australian PM linked by a common story
Is there an ominous message for President Obama coming from Down Under?

For most of the last 18 months, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been an almost eerie political echo of Obama.
[Avis: Allegedly working hard to prevent CO2-induced bad weather]
Bearing in mind the fragile ecological state of the earth and the dramatic effects of global warming Avis car rental has dramatically reduced its carbon footprint by recycling the water it uses to wash its cars, using low-voltage lighting and more at this KwaZulu-Natal regional depot.

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