Friday, July 02, 2010

Ridiculous claim: In the next twenty years, trace amounts of CO2 will cut China/India wheat yields in half?

Asia: Himalayas, within 20 years over a billion victims of climate change | Spero News
The document, published June 28, reveals disturbing scenarios. According to researchers in the next 20 years wheat and rice yields in China and India will drop by 50% because of more frequent droughts, while the food demand of the population will increase by 20%.
[So why are wheat yields so much higher than they were five or six decades ago?]: wheat_yields_in_selected_countries,_1951-2004.png


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The document can be found here:

It is not a peer reviewed paper, but is a report by a private research group in India. The study was funded by the MacArthur Foundation.

In reading the Executive Summary I notice that they say "will" instead of "may" or "is likely to." They do not give probabilities. Maybe the full report does. They do discuss both non-AGW causes as well as AGW causes.

The report may not be the best science, but it should not be written off either.