Saturday, July 24, 2010

Settled science: Can everyplace really be warming much faster than everyplace else?

[Africa: Allegedly warming faster than the global average]
Prof Gordon Conway, the outgoing chief scientist at the British government’s Department for International Development, and former head of the philanthropic Rockefeller Foundation, said in a scientific paper that the continent is already warming faster than the global average
North Pole Heating Faster than anywhere else
Many scientists seem mystified as to why the North Polar region is warming up several times faster than the rest of the planet.
Australia warming faster than rest of globe, climate report says

Kuwait: Alarm as Gulf waters warm three times faster than average
The seawater temperature in Kuwait Bay has been increasing at three times the global average rate since 1985
Antarctic air is warming faster than rest of world - Times Online
AIR temperatures above the entire frozen continent of Antarctica have risen three times faster than the rest of the world during the past 30 years.
Tibet warming up faster than anywhere in the world | Reuters
(Reuters) - Tibet is warming up faster than anywhere else in the world, Xinhua news agency said on Sunday.
European temperatures rising faster than world average, report says - The New York Times

Sundarbans water warming faster than global average
In the Sundarbans, surface water temperature has been rising at the rate of 0.5 degree Celsius per decade over the past three decades, eight times the rate of global warming, says a new study.
Climate change heating up China faster than rest of the world - report
In a new report, the China Meteorological Administration now says climate change is heating up the People's Republic faster than the rest of the world
Global warming hits Mars too: study
Global warming could be heating Mars four times faster than Earth due to a mutually reinforcing interplay of wind-swept dust and changes in reflected heat from the Sun, according to a study released Wednesday.
Spain warming faster than rest of northern hemisphere: study
The country has experienced average temperature increases of 0.5 degrees Celsius per decade since 1975, a rate that is "50 percent superior to the average of nations in the northern hemisphere", the study by the Spanish branch of the Clivar research network found.
U.S. West warming faster than rest of world: study
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The U.S. West is heating up at nearly twice the rate of the rest of the world and is likely to face more drought conditions in many of its fast-growing cities, an environmental group said on Thursday.
Global warming is occurring twice as fast in the Arctic as in the rest of the world

Lake Superior is Warming [much stronger than the global average]
The really striking thing here is that the long-term trend in Superior is so much stronger than the global average. Well, we know that the upper midwest is warming more rapidly than the global average, but not this much more rapidly.
Himalayas warming faster than global average
New Delhi, June 4 (IANS) Northwestern Himalayas has become 1.4 degrees Celsius warmer in the last 100 years, a far higher level of warming than the 0.5-1.1 degrees for the rest of the globe, Indian scientists have found.
[Korean Peninsula]: Allegedly warming twice the global average]
According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the climate has been warming on the Korean Peninsula twice more rapidly than in the rest of the world over the past century.


Anonymous said...

So everywere temperatures increases more rapid than average ? Then the average is wrong or these people don't know how to read and write numbers off a thermometer onto paper.

Greetings from Holland !!

Country occupied by the EU diktatorship.

Anonymous said...

The New Forest in England will not be left out of this.

We are warming at about 4 times the rate at which the average rate of increase is itself increasing.

I am a scientist and I said this.

d^4T/dt^4 = 4^4


Anonymous said...

Thank God I have air conditioning!

Anonymous said...

I believe that the logic goes like this:
1. Fools in Europe (and soon the U.S.) are willing to destroy their own industries and hand out money to us in the third world as long as we do nothing to develop our own resources and industry (in other words, what we always do).
2. They say it is because of global warming. Well, we want some of that action and...well, it's warming here much, much faster than in our neighbors' country so…well, we need more money - lots more.
3. Yeah - that's the ticket!

virgil xenophon said...

Are ALL these places located in Lake Woebegone? (where all the children are above average) LOL.

Greg said...

Ah, the sweet smell of hysteria. I'm so glad I never jumped on the AGW bandwagon, even after being ridiculed and called an idiot. Yes, sir, I stuck to my guns and enjoyed my mild summers; I stuck it out through these past few harsh winters. Apparently, where I live is the one spot on earth that's not warming faster than everywhere else. I guess my spot of land is what's measured against everything else on earth. Sort of makes me proud.

Jim Owen said...

If the science is "settled", why are the "climatologists" still being paid? If the science is "settled", there's nothing more for them to be working on.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Lake Wobegon! EVERYBODY is above average!

greg grisham said...

Excellent article.
I have translated it to spanish and posted it on our webpage.

John Dawson said...

So if Africa, the North Pole, Australia, the Middle East, the South Pole, Europe, Bangladesh, China, North West America, North East America, Himalayas and Korea are all warming much faster than average, what does that leave to be warming much slower than average? South America, South India, Russia, that’s about it! Hmm. Wouldn’t that mean they are cooling fast? Why don’t we hear about that?

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why claimte change is falling apart. Thjey can't seem to get thier lies to work together.

Anonymous said...

"So if Africa, the North Pole, Australia, the Middle East, the South Pole, Europe, Bangladesh, China, North West America, North East America, Himalayas and Korea are all warming much faster than average, what does that leave to be warming much slower than average?"

The air temperature above bodies of surface water, which account for over 70% of the earth's surface.

hyperzombie said...

You forgot about the southern ocean.
skeptical science explains here.

chet charlston said...

Mathematically speaking, wouldn't half of everything be warming up at an above average rate and the other half be warming up at a below average or average rate?

While the hot spots mentioned may warrant study they they're hardly newsworthy.

Windchasers said...

Did the author forget that 71% of the Earth's surface is covered in ocean? Even excluding the Arctic at 6% of the Earth's surface, that's 65% of the Earth that's supposed to be warming slower than the other 35% (land + Arctic).

Seems pretty reasonable to me. Heck, they probably missed some areas.


Mathematically speaking, half of the world has to be warming slower than the *median* rate, and half faster. Average and median can be different.