Friday, August 20, 2010

The American Spectator : Are We 'Rushing to Extinction'?
The following statement is one of the informational posters that's part of an area called "Climate Change." It is like other such claims I've seen numerous times in similar venues over the past several years. The poster is titled, "Rushing to Extinction," and has been part of the exhibit for at least two years that I know of.
Today, we are living through the sixth mass extinction of life in Earth's history. This is due in part to climate change triggered by the carbon dioxide we pump into the air as we burn fossil fuels for energy. The resulting greenhouse gases are altering the biosphere, which is causing the loss of plants and animals around the world. If we don't change our actions, we could condemn half of all species to extinction in a hundred years. That adds up to almost a million types of plants and animals that could disappear.
I urge you to read the statement again and consider what it says.
20 Aug - Huge Snowfalls in the Swiss Alps, Argentina & New Zealand
Switzerland’s two open glacier ski areas have seen remarkable August snowfalls with Saas Fee reporting 45cm of new snow on Sunday, with more falling since, including another 5cm yesterday.

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