Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another mad scientist suggests that the sins of Americans are causing biblical plagues of locusts, so we need to paint our roofs white

Dr. Reese Halter: Wild Weather Justifies Global Warming Law -- in California and Nationwide
So far this year, globally, the weather patterns, insects, wild fires, melting glaciers, sea ice and the oceans all appear to be on performance-enhancing drugs eclipsing, in some cases, thousand year events.
In April Australia experienced a biblical plague of crop-destroying locusts encompassing 190,000 square miles or the size of Spain.
Energy efficiency in America is a necessity.

The law-makers in Washington, DC must retro-fit all government buildings, colleges and military facilities across our nation. About five million people on Main Street need jobs. Moreover, by painting rooftops white, air conditioning costs on government buildings will be reduced by $750 million dollars a year, which can help offset workers salaries. In addition, white roofs will mimic millions of square miles of missing sea ice, helping to cool the Earth's temperature.
Dr Reese Halter is a Science Communicator: Voice for Ecology, and a conservation biologist at Cal Lutheran University.

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