Monday, August 16, 2010

Arctic Armageddon or Methane Madness? | The Resilient Earth
Like an overly familiar maniac from a series of Hollywood slasher movies, CO2 has lost most of its ability to scare the public. Carbon dioxide's diminishing fright mojo has sent climate change alarmists—and those in the media who lend them mindless support in trade for salacious headlines—casting about for a next gas molecule to scare the public with.
More on the Russian heat wave – satellite analysis | Watts Up With That?
Looking at the NASA image, it is clear that more land is below normal temperatures than is above.
Economy First: Britain Puts Decarbonisation On Hold: Coal-fired power stations win reprieve | Environment | The Guardian
The coalition is watering down a commitment to tough new environmental emissions standards, raising the possibility of dirty coal-fired power stations such as Kingsnorth going ahead.

Green groups are aghast that a flagship policy called for in opposition by both Lib Dems and Tories, and which they last year tried to force on the Labour government, will now not be implemented in the coalition's first energy bill to be published this year.

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