Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eco-chicken James Cameron: "We've got to get these climate deniers out of the way"

Celebritology 2.0 - James Cameron on the special edition of 'Avatar,' eco-conscious DVDs and BP
When I do my next film, we’re going to go much farther than we did in terms of running a green set. You know, look at a typical film set. There’s thousands of plastic water bottles that are used in a given week and that all needs to be revisited. Honestly, the truth is, we have to revisit almost every part of our lives and our existence over the next few years. Energy consumption, I think, being the biggest one. Energy and global warming are interlinked issues obviously, and global warming is going to take us out long before plastic pollution. Don’t get me started on that. I just got back from a two-day renewable energy conference in Aspen and it’s grim trying to get the needle of policy to move. You’re there in D.C. You see what goes on there. You see the paralysis of our leaders, even when there’s a Democratic majority. It’s still paralyzed.
...And the only way that’s going to happen is for people to realize that carbon is a pollutant and it’s a pollutant that’s going to affect, not only the quality of our lives, but it will cause the destruction of 50 percent of all species on this planet by the end of the century. And people need to wake up to that. We've got to get these climate deniers out of the way. I mean, I’m talking about the paid disinformation campaign. People have to wake up to the fact that they’re being lied to. Then we’ve got to take action.

But you know, the leaders in Washington, they can’t do anything without a mandate from the public and right now they don’t have it. So the Waxman-Markey bill and [Sen. John] Kerry’s attempt to have an energy bill, it’s not going to go anywhere until we have a strong public mandate. And we don’t have that right now. So, I don't know, maybe guys like me that work in media can something about that. It’s difficult, but we can’t give up hope.


Anonymous said...

The environmental movement is a money making scam. The sell everything from "eco friendly" products to cap and trade. It really is all about ripping off the average person to feed the elite.

Anonymous said...

james cameron is another annoying character like al gore who lives in a massive house asking everyone except himself to cut back,

he will do more harm to the green push for global power than good,

great to have him on board. His new film' the chicken runner' out soon.

Bill K said...

Will someone kindly tell me where FoxNews has a part in this??- Does every left thinking dweeb in the country see foxnews in their dreams??- get a life and get the facts right- BK

Anonymous said...

This eco-chicken will be a shame in their next generations for causing the CO2 scams.

Pasgetty said...

Cameron is deluded into thinking that since he is so good at creating fantasy on film that he is also an expert at one of the most complex physical systems ever comtemplated by man. Amazing. I guess his self image, like so many other egocentric people, will not allow him to contemplate the notion that he doesn't know how much he doesn't know. He was going to be humiliated by Morano as an ignorant fool. Smart to pull out and take the heat for being a chicken.

andersm said...

Good grief - Cameron sounds like a parody of a western movie with dialogue written by Monty Python. His blathering nonsense is proof this guy knows zilch about science but he thinks he's smart because he's in the public eye.

Not many believe you Jamesy - you just look like a pompous ninny who loves the sound of his own voice. Yer making some pretty tough talk there, pardner. But yer yella - when you invited them skeptics to the OK corral for that big shootout ya promised - ya turned tail and ran.

Dr. G said...

To: Bill K.

You sounds kind'a angry there cowpoke. Maybe 'yer just plumb tuckered out from travellin' all the way round that whole great big world wide web thing. Golly Geez, I'd mite be gittin tuckered and a spoutin' off too.

Nowadays them 'lectronics yee-haws use some kinda' new fangled gadget called a "search engine".

A button-clickin' fella gived it a try 'an here's what that rascal come up with in jist a few sekins: He said that Cameron feller had 'riginly told them FoxNews vermin and theys was a-gonna be a-filmin that big high noon shootout 'tween Cameron 'n them three dirty deniers.

Hope that helped 'ya podner. Them fellas might-a hit some paydirt with that thar search engine gadget.

Now you kin lay by this here campfire an' rest yer head on some straw.

Matt said...

"People have to wake up to the fact that they’re being lied to"

I think more and more are every day, Jimmy, it's just that they're waking up from the APG lie.