Saturday, August 14, 2010

Climate scientists take fossil-fueled flights to Colorado to save us from CO2-induced biblical apocalypse

Climate [hoax] scientists in race to predict where natural disaster will strike next | Environment | The Observer
The world's leading climate scientists will gather this week in the United States to hammer out plans to set up an early warning system that would predict future meteorological disasters caused by global warming.

The meeting, in Boulder, Colorado, has been arranged at diplomatic level amid fears that storms, hurricanes, droughts, flooding and other extreme weather events now threaten to trigger widespread devastation in coming decades.
"The events in Moscow and Pakistan are going to focus our minds very carefully when we meet in Colorado," said Peter Stott, head of climate monitoring at the UK Met Office. "On both sides of the Atlantic we have been monitoring what has been going on with the aim of understanding their precise causes so that we can provide better warnings of future disasters."

[This poor woman is grieving relatives killed by landslides in China. These landslides were allegedly your fault]


Anonymous said...

Of course. The floods and landslides are our fault.

The poor people are grieving and we caused it by using fossil fuels.

The only way to salve our consciences is to fund 'new' and 'green' schemes to generate money, er, i mean electricity.

Get with the program, people. Or else.

Very sincerely,

Mr Gore.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget all the record snowfall events of the past winter. My guess is you'll be about as accurate at predicting these disasters as you have been in the past. We already have meteorologists to do this. It's pretty tough stuff. Many variables, which is why your computer models don't work well.