Sunday, August 29, 2010

Global warming: What’s important, what’s irrelevant? - Thomas Fuller |
There are a lot of people obsessively watching the retreat of Arctic ice as we approach summer's end. More of it melts every summer [does it?] and some scientists believe that Arctic ice will disappear each summer as global warming continues.
Rules For Enviro-Radicals: Pick The Landscape, Mechanize It, Desecrate It
In fact, disfiguring the landscape is taking on such proportions and has gotten so out of control that some of the windmills’ former proponents, real environmentalists, are now beginning to sober up and are painfully realising the disaster they’ve helped to create.
Tidal turbines: Alex Salmond hits a low ebb - Telegraph
This month Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, had the audacity to fly to Oslo to announce that Hammerfest Stom was to “invest £4 million in Scottish businesses” to build the turbine, and that this “overseas investment” was a “massive vote of confidence” in Scotland’s “talent, expertise and infrastructure”. He did not of course reveal that the £4 million came from British taxpayers in the first place. Even for the incorrigible Mr Salmond, such shameless pulling of the wool must have exceeded his own personal best.

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