Monday, August 23, 2010

Has the Mainstream Media Trusted Enviro-activists for Advice on Listening to Skeptic Scientists? by Russell Cook
Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is a concept supported by only two legs, a so-called consensus of climate scientists claiming it is proven, and the idea that skeptic scientists aren't worth listening to. Almost any internet article or blog written by an AGW believer boils down to that. Skeptic scientists, and those citing their research, are yanking out the first leg. Few focus on the other leg, except perhaps to note the bias given by the mainstream media to the AGW side. This is understandable, I also overlooked the accusation about big coal & oil corrupting skeptic scientists.
Rain, Cold Weather Slow Spread Of BC Wildfires | AHN
Residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan are breathing better Monday following several downpours and cold weather over the weekend that slowed the spread of wildfires in BC. In the process, smoke from the wildfires was reduced.

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