Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hillary Clinton blames CO2 for Russian forest fires

Interview With Anwar Iqbal of Dawn TV
[SECRETARY CLINTON] And for us, having gone through Katrina and seeing what’s happening around the world with the increase in the number of natural disasters and the extent of the damage that they’re causing, which some people believe is linked to global climate change, I think more than ever the United States both –

QUESTION: Do you believe so?

SECRETARY CLINTON: I think that there is a linkage. You can’t point to any particular disaster and say, “it was caused by.” But we are changing the climate of the world; we’ve seen that with the Russian forest fires, even the Russian Government that has been somewhat skeptical about climate change.
[Note the dates of these fires; which were caused by CO2?]: Top 10 Deadliest Wildfires –
1 United States 2,500 Peshtigo Fire, Wisconsin 1871
2 United States 453 Cloquet Fire, Minnesota 1918
3 United States 418 Hinckley Fire, Minnesota 1894
4 United States 250 Thumb Fire, Michigan 1881
5 Canada 250 Matheson Fire, Ontario 1916
6 Indonesia 240 Sumatra, Kalimantan 1997
7 France 230 Landes region 1949
8 China 213 Greater Hinggan, Heilongjiang 1987
9 Canada 160 Miramichi Fire, New Brunswick 1825
10 Brazil 110 1963 Paran Forest fires 1963
The Associated Press: Russian wildfires shrink as cold front advances
[3 days ago] More than 50 people have died in the wildfires across Russia

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Anonymous said...

You should include the Tillamook Burn fire of 1933, reburned and expanded in 1939, reburned in 1945, reburned again in 1951. The fire covered 350,000 acres. It got into the crowns of of Douglas fir trees 200 above ground and raged over the huge area.

The Tillamook forest in coastal Oregon was mainly rain forest made up of trees of enormous height and size. Douglas fir was the predominant species that also included western hemlock, western red cedar, Sitka spruce and true firs.

I believe this series of fires is truly unique in the history of great conflagrations.