Saturday, August 14, 2010

The incredible fact is that the whole thing turns on a preposterous theory based on maligning a wholly benign rare gas that is in fact essential to the existence of life on earth.

On the basis of the myth the British have, for example, passively allowed Indians to take over their steel industry, close it down and move it to India . This is just part of a massive migration of industry from the western nations to the Asian ones, no doubt to the satisfaction of the UN administration.
Global warming ups heart attack risk
The cold weather may make blood more prone to clotting, increasing the risk of developing a cardiovascular event. Every 1C reduction in the temperature on a single day is linked to 200 extra heart attacks, the study found.
“Although the increased risk is small, if there is a nationwide drop in average temperature it could equate to a significant number of heart attacks each day,” said Ellen Mason, of the British Heart Foundation.

Scientists therefore urged policymakers and individuals to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases based on lifestyle changes, stressing that it would have substantial benefits both for health and climate protection.

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