Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blatant climate fraud in NRDC video; they actually claim that the Arctic sea ice is "at an all time low"

Opposing Views: Good Riddance to Worst Summer of Global Warming Ever
The Earth is telling us something, as illustrated in this video produced by NRDC, but too many politicians in Washington aren’t listening.
But it’s not just the temperatures. Global warming is dangerously and permanently disrupting our climate. Because the atmosphere can hold more moisture as it warms, there is more rapid evaporation when it is dry and more intense rainfall when it is wet. The result is an increase in severe droughts and floods. As we have seen this year in Russia, Pakistan, China, and the United States, the results can be tragic.
Flashback: Fossil Find Above the Arctic Circle
NINETY million years ago crocodile-like creatures wandered an Arctic that was as warm as Florida is today, an American team has discovered.

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