Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Climate change: Hypocrisy of the green bully
RAJENDRA PACHAURI has a chauffeur, lives in luxury and jets across the world on his quest to ban Sunday roasts and cheap flights. Now he's accused of exaggerating the climate change crisis.

MOST mornings he is driven to work from his £5 million home in a 1.8-litre toyota Corolla by his personal chauffeur, as befits his status as director-general of a New Delhi research institute employing more than 700 staff.
At the same time his own lifestyle and behaviour were under attack. He admitted clocking up more than a million miles of air travel in a year and a half as he travelled the world warning about global warming, including more than 120 long-haul flights. “I really have one area where unfortunately I am guilty of a pretty large carbon footprint and that is in terms of travel,” he admitted. “that is something that unfortunately I can’t do anything about because I have to spread the message. I have to go all over the world and convince people that this is a serious problem that we have to address. But in terms of my personal lifestyle I’m very careful about not being consumptive in my habits. I’m careful about use of transport in my daily life.”

Since then he has done something about it. the IPCC let it be known that he had started using video- conferencing wherever possible. But critics were already disputing his claims about his daily transport, noting that he preferred to use the chauffeur-driven toyota to pick him up from his home – reportedly worth £5 million – rather than the eco- friendly electric car provided for tERI by an Indian manufacturer

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