Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disastrous cooling in Calgary: Temperatures falling at a rate of over 2500 degrees C per century!

Calgarians make the best of it as snow - yes, snow - clouds forecast
One year ago Thursday, the temperature soared to just over a blistering hot 30 C.

On the same day this year, meteorologists are forecasting a high of 5 C and a chance of snow.
"This is definitely one of the worst summers I've seen," said Reid's golf partner, Tom Kelly. "But you've still got to get out and play when you can."

Calgary had just one day above 30 C, on Aug. 26. The average high in August was 20.9, according to preliminary data collected by Environment Canada. The normal average maximum temperature for August over the past 30 years was 23.4 according to data compiled by the Weather Network. In July, the normal average is 25.3, but this year, the hottest month averaged only 22 degrees.

Frost is a possibility later this week, snow could fall as early as Thursday and more probably on Sunday.

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