Friday, September 10, 2010

EU emissions trading scheme on course to make tiny savings, says report | Environment | The Guardian
The entire five-year period of the European Union's emissions trading scheme (ETS) that ends in 2012 is set to deliver carbon savings of less than a third of 1% of total emissions, according to a new report.
The scale of the low-carbon task is immense | Chris Goodall | Environment |
The scale of this task is immense. My rough calculation is that the world needs to ramp up its yearly rate of installation of low-carbon energy about 30-fold from today's levels within the next couple of decades.
2010 Climate [Hoax] Leadership Summit
October 12-13, 2010 in Denver, Colorado...The 2010 ACUPCC Climate Leadership Summit experience has been designed to compliment the AASHE conference program, with a strong emphasis on facilitated dialogue around substantive topics proposed by signatory presidents and implementation liaisons
Fight over bid to suspend California's global warming law gets ugly -
Proposition 23 backers shot back with a statement titled, "Have they no shame?" which charged that Shultz, 89, who served as secretary of State in the Reagan administration, "is solidly behind higher gas prices for California's 2.2 million unemployed and those who worry they will be next."

Shultz responded through a spokesman: "The people attacking me must be desperate. They retreat from honest discourse to malicious misinformation."

The Proposition 23 campaign also characterized Thomas F. Steyer, Shultz' co-chairman on the No campaign, as a "billionaire hedge fund manager [who] talks a good game, but loves his oil profits."

Steyer's $20-billion San Francisco-based fund, Farallon Capital Management, it said, has investments in oil and gas companies operating in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, as well as in an Indonesian coal company.

Steyer also once owned Valero stock, the statement said, "presumably feeling no guilt about getting those fat dividend checks until divesting himself of that lucrative asset when the company's profits began to decline."

In an e-mail, Steyer responded, saying, "I don't object to private enterprise or to oil and gas. I simply want them to be fairly and properly regulated.... We need to start the process, which will take decades, of moving to independent and clean sources of energy."
Brown rips Whitman's jobs plan, defends climate-change law and his decision not to fight for Prop. 8 [Updated]| PolitiCal | Los Angeles Times
Pressed for how he would revive the economy, Brown pointed to his green-jobs plan, which he said would create 500,000 jobs over the next decade.

He criticized reports that attorneys general from four other states are preparing a legal challenge to AB 32, the state’s landmark global-warming law, if it is not put on hold by voters in November. He said the law would reduce dependence on oil, which would be good for the environment, the economy, national security and public health.

“Those four AGs, those states, they are either unwilling dupes or conscious allies of not only oil companies from Texas, but oil companies from Iraq, Nigeria, Venezuela, all the people who enjoy grabbing our dollars because of our oil addiction,” Brown said.

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