Tuesday, September 28, 2010

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Overharvested Horseshoe Crabs, existent 400 million years, now endangered by tiny temp & sea level changes
From the "You can only get grant funding & publicity if you link it to climate change department," comes a press release on a new study noting the 400 million year old "living fossil" horseshoe crab is endangered due to climate change, such as sea levels currently rising 1.85 mm/yr [compared to the average 7 mm/yr since the last ice age] and water temperature increase [actually the oceans have been cooling since 2003]. Oh, and by the way, over-harvesting, destroyed habitats, use as fishing bait and in the pharmaceutical industry might play a minor role.
EU Referendum: A cold wind doth blow
But now bloweth the cold wind of reality. And despite the best efforts of the politicians and the media to keep it from the general public, the growing cost of Mr Miliband's extravagence is becoming more and more evident. Many a career is going to be destroyed by another bad winter. It would be so nice if Mr Miliband's was one of them.
The Ten Deadliest Floods | Real Science
All ten of the world’s deadliest floods occurred before Taminos’ period of “modern global warming” began.
Perhaps global climate disruption has reduced the intensity of extreme weather?
Die Klimazwiebel: Aerosols or natural variability ?
The lesson for climate modellers is that it becomes increasingly difficult to defend that climate models can reproduce the observed temperature evolution in the 20th century, even after adjustments to the data, as in the first paper, or after concluding that natural variations have played a more important role.

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