Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unsustainable cow manure by Paul Driessen | Climate Realists
To claim any of this is ecologically or economically sustainable strains credulity.

Green jobs will mostly be overseas, subsidized by US tax and energy dollars – other people’s money (OPM). Indeed, Americans have already spent over $20 billion in stimulus money on “green” energy projects. However, 80% of the funding for some of them went to China, India, South Korea and Spain, and three-fourth of the turbines for eleven US wind projects were made overseas. This is intolerable, indefensible and unsustainable. But it gets worse.

Denver’s Nature and Science Museum used $720,000 in stimulus money to install photovoltaic panels and reduce its electricity bills by 20 percent. The panels may last 25 years, whereas it will take 110 years to save enough on those bills to pay for the panels – and by then four more sets of panels will be needed.

As to biofuels, the US Navy recently waxed ecstatic over its success with camellia-based eco-fuel in fighter jets. But the PC biofuel costs $67.50 per gallon, versus $5.00 per gallon for commercial jet fuel.
[U.S.: Sure, of course we want in on the HFC-23 scam] - Bloomberg
“This is the biggest climate [swindle] deal on the table this year,” Durwood Zaelke, president of the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development, a Washington-based environmental lobby group, said yesterday in an interview.

Under the U.S.-backed plan, chemical plants would destroy HFC-23, a byproduct of making refrigerants and air conditioners, using money from the Montreal Protocol Multilateral Fund rather than the United Nations-administered Clean Development Mechanism. Details of who would pay into the fund and how much it needs will be the subject of negotiations over the next few months, Reifsnyder said.
Flashback: UN Decries “Huge Scam” of Carbon Offsets
"The evidence is overwhelming that manufacturers are creating excess HFC-23 simply to destroy it and earn carbon credits," said Mark Roberts of the Environmental Investigation Agency, a research and advocacy group. "This is the biggest environmental scandal in history and makes an absolute mockery of international efforts to combat climate change.

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