Thursday, October 28, 2010

Global warming speaker at Lakeland college - Vermilion Standard - Alberta, CA
Audience members will be able to participate in a discussion of the basic science, and will be empowered by Makarechian to think independently about information shared in the media.
Shell, ConocoPhillips May Get Free Carbon Permits in California - BusinessWeek
Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Oil refiners including Royal Dutch Shell Plc and ConocoPhillips would be among the companies to get free pollution rights under California’s planned cap-and-trade program for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.
The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy’s High-Water Mark?
As the AGW (man-made [Anthropogenic] Global Warming) hoax has made clear, it is not just the humanities and liberal arts, but also the soft sciences (psychology, anthropology, etc.), as well as the hard sciences (chemistry, math, etc.) that have been used as fronts, or covers, for promoting left-wing ideology.
It's Time To Pardon Carbon -
It's high time we recognize that carbon dioxide has been treated unfairly. Not only have the good deeds of that wonderful molecule so essential to rain forests, begonias and plants that feed God's creatures been ignored, it has even come to be demonized as an endangering pollutant and climate-ravaging menace. What real evidence has been offered up to support these defamatory charges? Absolutely none.
Global Warming Hysteria: Al–Elmer Gantry–Gore » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog
Al Gore is Elmer Gantry. Expert at posing as the Puritan, he preaches hell and brimstone and calls on us to be saved by saving the planet. And he’s gotten very rich doing it. He won (ludicrously) the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s become a rock star of the Left.

But walk the walk as if the world really is in danger? Not on your life.

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