Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hottest year ever update: Buffaloes freeze to death in Vietnam

VietNamNet - Cold weather in Hanoi, buffaloes freeze to death in Sapa
VietNamNet Bridge – Damaging cold temperatures has hit Sapa town, a famous tourist destination in northern Vietnam earlier than usual, killing many cattle.

The weather in Sapa is usually colder than other regions in Vietnam but this year cold weather came early and unexpectedly.
2007 - Cambodia and Vietnam on Brink of Crisis from Global Warming - The Daily Green
In a horrendous twist of fortune, the world’s poorest will bear the brunt of the wealthiest. Earlier this week, the United Nations revealed the most developed nations have once again failed to meet emission targets, and the third world will suffer. First in line: Cambodia and Vietnam, according to China's Xinhua General News Service.

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