Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Revkin vows to defend junk climate science

Girding for a Republican Gavel at Climate Hearings -
Many climate scientists, still reeling from a year of largely unsubstantiated accusations and attacks, are already girding for battle, with some publicly decrying the prospect of congressional hearings on climate science under the near certain shift to Republican control of the House.
In reply to Laurie Dougherty, there’ll be plenty of defenders of climate science, including me.


miklos treiber said...

Not near certain- certain. The truth shall prevail. With so many mistakes by agw warmists and so many exaggerations by the ipcc all of the warmists would have failed any high school science course.

Anonymous said...

Unsubstantiated claims against "climate science" are totally substantiated by REAL science. Computer models are the basis for almost all of the global warming claims and these models not only are fatally flawed and even getting worse rather than better, but they are NOT science.

Computer programs do just what they are programmed to do. The climate models also do not include the actual physics but use analog relationships which can only mimic and do work without known results. That is why the predictions have been 100% wrong.

And the fabrication and adulteration of the temperature data by the data keepers is totally dishonest and wrong.

And we have not warmed since 1998, been cooling slowly since 2002, and cooling actively since 2006.

All other studies funded by the government or the IPCC to study global warming can be shown to include invalid assumptions for the very simple reason that they cannot show the effects of global warming in the real world because we are not warming. There fore, nothing the "detect" can be due to warming.

The bottom line is that there is not a shred of defensible real science that supports the global warming by man meme.