Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tea Party: now for the Presidency – Telegraph Blogs
The Tea Party does not stand for: banning lesbian or sexually active single women from teaching at schools; discouraging onanism; banning abortion; keeping drugs illegal; God; organised religion generally; guns; or, indeed, Sarah Palin.

The Tea Party stands, very simply, for small government. So long as it understands this, a presidential victory in 2012 is guaranteed. If it forgets this – or doesn’t understand it in the first place – then hello, a second term for President Obama, and bye bye Western Civilisation.
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: Election 2010
Republicans have held more seats in the House in only one Congress (the 80th, 1947-1949) since 1930, with 246 seats (they currently hold 239, with the 13 undecided districts yet to be decided.).
3rd International Energy And Climate Conference, Berlin-Germany
This is the real deal, with speakers like Fred Singer, Nir Shaviv and Henrik Svensmark on the roster.
Many Tropical Islands Exist Because Of CO2 | Real Science
Reefs and atolls are made out of CaCO3. Without CO2, the wouldn’t exist. They continuously grow and gain mass because of CO2.
On the quest to keep politics out of climate science | Grist
Republicans slander peer review, science funding, scientific institutions, and scientists themselves. "Both sides" don't do that. Just the right side.
Guatemala Funds its Climate Change Agenda with $250 Million - Hispanically Speaking News
Guatemala received financing for $250 million to help the government prepare, supervise, strengthen and monitor its national climate change agenda.

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