Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adrian MacNair: Angry earth delivers stern lecture on global warming | Full Comment | National Post
It’s pretty specious to blame a quarter million deaths on global warming, too. Lumping everybody who dies as a result of floods, drought and hurricanes into one big catch-all category called climate change is the surest path to confirmation bias.

Hey look, somebody just drowned in a flood. Climate change. Oh no, a drought killed thousands in Africa. Climate change. A storm killed a dozen people in the South Pacific. Climate change.

The end result of such imbecility is a new generation of children who actually believe the planet is an entity and strikes back at people.
The strategic interest in climate change | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Rear Admiral David Titley claims the Arctic will have an “ice-free” summer in 2020, and that the north-west passage trade route will not only become a reality, but it will become a “maritime superhighway.” Titley also describes the Bering Strait, which separates Alaska and Russia, as becoming as significant as Middle Eastern passageways.

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