Tuesday, December 07, 2010

As berry and fish farmers cope, yet more cold snaps expected for Tampa Bay - St. Petersburg Times
With record low temperatures and overnight freezes likely this week, meteorologists say Tampa Bay will see a streak of cold days similar to last January's chill.

At 38 degrees in Tampa, Monday morning recorded the coldest December temperature in three years, said Bay News 9 meteorologist Josh Linker.
Tampa may reach freezing temperatures Wednesday morning. The last time that happened in December? The year 2000.
Monday's high of 54 degrees in Tampa was just shy of breaking a 110-year-old record for the chilliest high temperature for the day.
When it comes to eco-friendly cooking, raw is best - Washington Post
You could save some serious carbon by tossing your potato in the microwave, even if the result is a leathery, limp facsimile of the oven-baked equivalent....To compensate for the fried turkey's 17 extra pounds of carbon dioxide, you'd need to drive just 19 fewer miles. If you really want to scrimp on CO2, just tell your in-laws you're staying home this Christmas for the sake of the Earth.
The Cancun Wealth Redistribution Conference » Publications » Family Security Matters
Third, we need to stop this runaway climate crisis funding and regulatory juggernaut, until we have satisfactory answers to these questions. That means freeze the funding conduits; halt or defund the EPA “endangerment” rules; and open America’s onshore and offshore public lands to oil, gas, coal, uranium and rare earth metals exploration and development, under reasonable environmental guidelines, to ensure that we have the reliable, affordable energy we need.

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