Monday, January 24, 2011

If you’re under 25, you should be pissed about climate change | Grist
"Generation Hot" is the 2 billion or so young people who will be stuck dealing with global warming and weirding for their entire lives -- and who have to figure out how to do it sanely and humanely.
"My daughter and the rest of Generation Hot have been given a life sentence for a crime they didn't commit," Hertsgaard writes in a piece in The Nation adapted from his book. Even if we manage to ditch fossil fuels over the next 25 years, "the reality is that we're locked in to at least 50 more years of rising temperatures and the harsher climate impacts they bring. Thus the young people of Generation Hot are condemned to spend the rest of their lives coping with a climate that will be hotter and more volatile than ever before in our civilization's history."

Hertsgaard has been reporting about climate change for 20 years, but it wasn't until 2005, when his daughter was born and he began to realize what kind of world she would be growing up in, that he became, as he puts it, "deeply angry."

He plans to channel some of that anger into guerilla-style protests against the "climate cranks" in Congress, corporations, and the media who have denied the problem and blocked the solutions.

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Phil2611 said...

Do yourself a favour - see the following link and EDUCATE yourself about what is REALLY happening about AGW climate change - ie NOTHING caused by humans or use of fossil fuels. The only thing that is happening is normal climate change as has happened for millions of years.

BTW - here's some more education for you - no such thing as fossil fuels!! Russians PROVE there is NO SUCH THING.

Quote "Yes, you read that right and over 2,000 eastern European peer-reviewed science papers sinisterly ignored by western governments and the mainstream media back up the claims."

Having a real lesson today aren't you Tom?

Hope you're game to publish this - may well assist a lot of other ill informed people as well.