Monday, January 10, 2011

The Maytag Repairmen | Real Science
849 days since a hurricane hit the US. This is due to the massive increase in extreme weather caused by global warming.
FOCUS Story On Germany’s Hostile Environment For Skeptic Scientists
The FOCUS piece starts out by describing the overall ”poisonous” atmosphere that pervaded before the start of the conference. Some German Parliamentarians started their own McCarthy-style inquisition on the sceptic movement in an attempt to intimidate and marginalise it. The inquisition was laced with the term “denier” and had all the usual Big-Oil and Tobacco accusations, read here.
Harrabin/BBC’s Warm-or-Cold Reticence (The Met Office’s Hidden Third Winter Forecast) « The Unbearable Nakedness of CLIMATE CHANGE
How can the Met Office secretly telling something very important to somebody somewhere in the UK Government at local or national level NOT be an important news item to tell the world about in first person, given it also is has appeared in almost 30 mainstream media articles in the UK?
10 Most Flagrant Science Frauds of All Time | The SPPI Blog
SPPI Note: Add “catastrophic man-made global warming” to the list — maybe right near the top?

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