Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bill would repeal New Hampshire cap-and-trade law -
The repeal bill's prime sponsor, Republican state Rep. Richard Barry of Merrimack, said his main concern was government's involvement. He also criticized its funding source.

"RGGI is a stealth tax that never shows up. It's hidden on your electric bill," he said.

State Rep. Andrew Manuse, a Derry Republican and bill co-sponsor, argued the law is hurting, not helping New Hampshire's economy.
Record low temperatures in Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas | Reuters
(Reuters) - Oklahoma recorded its coldest temperature in state history on Thursday morning and records fell in cities in Missouri and Texas as a deep freeze gripped most of the nation.
Climate Science, D.C. Style: 'Some Say Yes, and Some Say No' - ScienceInsider
As infuriating as it might be to the scientists who would agree with the first letter, the second one is likely to be an effective tool for those who prefer inaction, based on a view of the science as equally balanced between two sides. (In the mid-2000s, the media had a real problem with ping-pong reporting of climate stories; the phenomenon has subsided somewhat since then but crops up increasingly on right-leaning media outlets.)

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