Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Global warming hoax promoter Kerry Emanuel: The CO2 signal emerged at about the same time as the Great Pacific Climate Shift

Taking The Politics Out Of Climate Science : NPR
Prof. EMANUEL: Well, I hope not. I sort of harbor the idea that most of the people, among those you quoted, most of the Republican politicians who publicly claim they don't believe this, I think they must private harbor doubts about this. And it may just be that they're grandstanding. I don't know. We'll just have to see what happens.

FLATOW: We've asked almost all of them to come on SCIENCE FRIDAY. [Has James Inhofe really been invited to be interviewed on Science Friday?  How about other skeptics like Richard Lindzen or Roy Spencer?] You still have an open invitation, if you're listening, to come on and talk about it. But we have yet to get anybody to agree to do that.
Prof. EMANUEL:... It's really only in the last 30 years that the CO2 signal has emerged from the natural variability of the background.
SchansBlog: The Great Pacific Climate Shift
In 1976-1977 the Pacific Decadal Oscillation shifted, and is labeled the Great Pacific Climate Shift of 1976-1977. As a result, temperatures changed dramatically from their former average (since around 1946), and returned to warmth seen from around 1923 to 1946. So sharp is the shift that the appropriate thing to do is to look for a secular trend (which might be the human-made trend) before 1976-1977, and then after 1976-1977. But drawing a straight line through that natural event should be avoided.

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