Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bummer: Trace amounts of CO2 will allegedly leave many humans underwater

Boston biologist brings climate change [scam] home | North Texas Daily
After scowering Massachusetts for historical records from scholars, butterfly clubs, bird watchers and Thoreau’s writings, Primack and his team set about examining native flowers and tracking migratory birds to see how the environment has changed during the past 170 years.

“No one has tried to do this before in the eastern United States,” Primack said.

They found that spring is coming earlier on the East Coast, temperatures are higher and 27 percent of the species Thoreau studied are now extinct. Primack said that the majority of these changes occurred in the last 40 to 50 years as results of the growing human impact on the environment.

The evidence of climate change could forecast the downfall of more native species for those in the Boston area, Primack said, and warmer temperatures could spell more coastal flooding that would leave many animals and humans underwater.

Such dramatic effects had students asking how to turn Texas climate change skeptics into believers.

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