Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moscow Heatwave Update | Real Science
Over the last month, temperatures in Moscow have been averaging a blistering 10F (-12C.) For some reason, Joe Romm seems to have lost interest in Moscow.
RealClimate: Under and over the ice
I really like the fact that there is still so much to discover about important parts of the climate system.
The EPA and the Canadian Climate Modeler « NoFrakkingConsensus
So who funded this trip? If it was Canadian taxpayers – how much did it cost? And why, exactly, have we been billed for it?
Cold claims fewer lives this winter | LOCAL | The Moscow News
The number of deaths from cold this winter was down this year.

Since the cold began to creep, hypothermia has claimed 29 victims compared to 44 last year, a medical source told Interfax, NewsMSK reported.

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