Monday, March 14, 2011

Scared Green: Ideas for Tough-Love Climate Change [Hoax] Campaigns That Get Results | Fast Company
Robert Murray, director of social media for National Geographic, said the issues of sustainability are more nuanced: The issues people care about differ regionally across the country, but at the real core of the environmental movement is motivation. But one factor is universal: money. "I'm saying we have to pay people," he said. Since behavior change takes time, people want to be rewarded for their investment.
Legislate the Options: Ann Mai Bertlesen of MAi Strategies says there's only one way to get people to back major causes, and that's with a stick. Yes, that's right, the government has to punish us. The government has become too timid in recent years, she noted, out of fear of being branded as socialist. "Let's legislate what we need to do," she said. "Let's legislate so you actually have to pay for your energy from an alternative source. We can outlaw carbon fuel by 2015."

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cleanwater said...

Ann Mai Bertlesen of Mai Strategies is an idiot. As the "greenhouse gas effect has never been proven" this being from another world has to be an excapie from the aslyum. She has no knowledge of real physics or any other science. Why should anyone do anything but laugh at her.