Monday, March 21, 2011

Tropical Storm Activity Hits A 40-Year Low – Possibly “Unprecedented”!
Florida State University scientist Dr Ryan Maue has an update on global tropical storm activity.

Now if global warming causes more, and more intense storms, then there must be some serious cooling going on right about now. Storms are practically off the radar! Here’s the chart for the last 40 years.
OPTIMISTS VS. REALISTS: International Climate Science Coalition | Climate Realists
Viewed in a broader perspective, “Climatism”, as it has been labeled by Climate Science Coalition of America Executive Director and author Steve Goreham, has now become so institutionalized in society – the education system, the financial industry, mass media, politics, entertainment and even churches - and so beneficial financially, politically and philosophically to powerful vested interests, that major AGW-based environment and energy policy decisions will be made for years to come.
Play the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Climate Change Hoax Game!

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