Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The vultures of climate change activism « Shub Niggurath Climate
When the need to convince others of one’s view, is greater than their desire to live, the realm of ‘science’ and ‘policy’ has long been crossed and left far behind.
American Thinker Blog: Two states bail out of global warming lawsuit
The riveting news events of the last several months buried three other news items that collectively indicate perhaps a far more critically important development. The global warming movement is rapidly losing one of its two remaining avenues for greenhouse gas regulation enforcement: the courts.
How many jobs from Oregon's green energy incentives? No one knows
Labor leader Tom Chamberlain decided some basic research was in order before the Oregon AFL-CIO could lend its support to the state's increasingly expensive subsidies for green energy projects.

"We wanted to know what we were getting for the money," he says. "How many jobs? What do they pay? Like any tax incentive program, you want to make sure you're getting bang for your buck."

Instead of numbers, Chamberlain says, he got the equivalent of a blank stare from the Department of Energy, which administers and approves the subsidies.

That was two years ago.

Today, little has changed.

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