Friday, April 22, 2011

Allen Lichtman: Punting on global warming
The costs of this clean energy would be roughly comparable to that of fossil fuel sources. In addition, according to a report by the Maryland Energy Administration, a substantial wind facility "will reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 by 945,000 tons per year and promise improved public health outcomes, cleaner air and cleaner water."
EDITORIAL: EPA's faith-based agitprop - Washington Times
EPA bureaucrats began pushing faith-based outreach under the Bush administration. The twisted evangelism is hardly surprising as the church of global warming is the left’s favorite denomination. Liberals have no shame when it comes to using other people’s money to gain converts to this all-important religion. They believe if they do not, Mother Earth will curse the planet with warm weather, not the chilly frost they desire.
Deluded, Misled Or Dishonest? | Real Science
The lack of warming has caused much of the global warming community to cross the line into blatant fraud. Cold is not caused by heat or lack of ice. Fewer hurricanes and tornadoes does not mean more hurricanes and tornadoes. Filling in pink temperatures will not make the Earth warmer. Lying about the Arctic will not make the ice disappear.

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