Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another billion dollars blown on the greatest scientific fraud in human history

Government approves $1.24 billion carbon capture project
SaskPower to proceed with largest capital project in company history
SASKATOON, April 26 /PRNewswire/ - The Government of Saskatchewan has approved construction of the Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Project - among the first commercial-scale carbon capture and storage facilities in the world.

The $1.24 billion project will transform an aging generating unit at Boundary Dam Power Station near Estevan into a producer of reliable, clean electricity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately one million tonnes per year - the equivalent of taking more than 250,000 vehicles off Saskatchewan roads each year - in addition to capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) for enhanced oil recovery.


Jim Cripwell said...

This project has little to do with CAGW. This is an oil recovery program, and has been used successfully in the past. Oil from wells that are towards the end of their life can be made to produce more oil by using CO2, pumped into the ground to force the oil out. The reference to CCS is purely for PR purposes.

lawrie Ayres said...

I think Jim is right. If it were for CO2 storage I would like to see the costs involved in capturing and storing the CO2 and the proof it stayed where they put it. The CO2 emissions supposedly saved are lost by the increased power required for sequestration.

Anonymous said...

Anthropogenic global warming is a total fraud, an international effort of power and money grabbing based on the marxist concept of "wealth redistribution".
On April 28 1975 Time magazine had on its front cover the title THE BIG FREEZE!!, with an article, signed by climate scientists, concluding that the Earth is cooling to the point it will all be covered in ice and all living creatures will die of freezing.
The “scientists” even came up with a solution: collect all the ashes and residues generated by coal-burning power plants and spreat it over the North Pole, to capture the heat generated by the sun….
This could only have come from sick, perverted minds, but at the time it was viewed as a real option.
After a few years, when it obviously turned out that such a theory was nonsense, the so called climate scientists, in their quest for government grants, have invented a new fantasy, that of global warming......the world is warming due to us, human beings and we are all going to die unless we give up all of our liberties to one big world government which is going to regulate every single aspect of our lives, how many times to flush our toilets, what kind of cars to drive, where, for what reason and how far, how many children to have , what kind of food to eat, etc.
In 1992 Al Gore said that "the time for a debate is over, the science is settled".....
This obviously is a lie for the time for a debate is never over and the science is far from being settled.
Science does not work as a democracy , meaning that in science, the majority does not rule as it does in a democracy.
If 1000 scientists have a debate and 999 of them agree on the subject, but only one of them disagree, it may very well turn out , as it has so many times in history, that the lone scientist is the only one that is right.
After 20 years of advancing a false theory based on fraudulent data, the "scientists" noticed that the planet is not warming, so they changed the name of their theory yet again from global warming to "Climate Change", just in case, to have all possibilities covered.
Soon the whole thing will be unequivocally exposed for a premeditated fraud.
People who perpetrated this scam, will then be held responsible for the enormous psychological, social and financial damage that their actions have caused.
There must be parents out there whose children have suffered mental trauma because of this great scam.
All these parents should get together and get a pit bull of a lawyer to file a class action law suit in a civil court and take the global warming crooks to the cleaners.