Saturday, April 16, 2011

Transcript of Van Jones Keynote Address from PowerShift 2011 | TckTckTck | Join the Race to the Future!
We have an energy system
a civilization
powered by death.
Fueled by death.
Why do they call them fossil fuels?
Oil – dead for 60 million years.
Coal – dead for 300 million years – pull out of ground.
Burn in industries. We burn death.
We act shocked, having pulled death out of the ground,
that we get death out of the skies.
Let’s stop fueling death.
Flashback: Obama’s ‘Green Czar’ Van Jones: ‘Green Jobs’ Goal is ‘Complete Revolution’ Away From ‘Gray Capitalism’
Van Jones a failed radical revolutionary changes his persona just enough to be able sneak in the back door as a greenie all the way to White House! Obama & Dems embrace him. The far left ideologues Obama surrounds himself with are far to numerous to not be a reflection of Obama’s politics.
YouTube - Power Shift 2011 Van Jone's Keynote Speech (Part 1)

YouTube - Power Shift 2011 Van Jone's Keynote Speech (Part 2)


Anonymous said...

When I eat a burger am I eating death? All of the components of the food that we humans and every other animal eat is composed dead animal and vegetable matter.

Anonymous said...

This is truly insane. The man is dangerous.

Bob Armstrong said...

I met Jones a couple of months ago when he came over to meet the small group demonstrating at his talk at Colorado College . He puts on a show of being open and honest , but when it gets down to it , he is a silver tongued liar who doesn't hesitate to swear upon his children's and grandchildren's welfare .

Here's the unresponded to email I sent him after his talk : .

Anonymous said...

Jones is either evil, purely political or deranged. Hard to tell which one.