Monday, April 04, 2011

Warmist technology reporter Andrew Leonard suggests that Marc Morano is "gibbering mad" for not believing that trace amounts of CO2 are overheating the planet

How to make climate skeptics angry - Global warming -
Last Friday's post on scorned climate skeptics generated some heat from Watts Up With That?, the website that, (outside of Marc Morano's gibbering mad Climate Depot) is the most angry about Berkeley scientist Richard Muller's surprising testimony before a House panel last week on global warming temperatures.
Andrew Leonard -
Andrew Leonard has been working at Salon as a technology reporter, editor and blogger for quite a bit longer than he ever anticipated being employed by an online magazine -- 12 years. He's enjoyed the luck of becoming obsessed with the Internet just before it broke into mainstream consciousness and the housing bust just before it precipitated a global economic collapse. Prior to becoming a Salon lifer he freelanced for a wide variety of publications, from Newsweek to Rolling Stone to Wired, and wrote a book, . He lives in Berkeley, Calif., with his two children. He likes to ride his bicycle.

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Brian G Valentine said...

The day will come when the global warmers start attacking their own, eliminating them one by one for not being alarmist enough - exactly the way the Soviet communists did under Stalin or Joe McCarthy did for the Republican Party.

This self-immolation pattern is par for the course in the evolution of every cult. The pattern practically defines "cult."